In the late seventies, the move towards a New World Information and Communication Order was proposed by Third World countries and international agencies such as UNESCO. In the light of ASEAN Integration, would a regional information and communication policy that covers mass media and new media operations likewise be pursued?“In the light of the ASEAN integration, a regional information and communication policy that covers mass media and new media operations is being pursued.

The first ASEAN ICT Masterplan 2010-2015 identified bridging the digital divide as one of the six strategic thrusts in its key objectives.

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These served as platforms for regular information exchange. ” moreDigital culture is used to refer to the pervasion of digital media in human interaction and communication, however, there is limited literature on what actually constitutes digital culture.

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These ideas are often overlooked as technology becomes a second nature to us. Digital culture goes beyond the day-to-day acts of doing digital work – it describes something broader and subtler than that. It involves the appreciation, the exploration and the shared enjoyment of the various digital tools, environments and artefacts which inform and facilitate our work.

” I am examining how a digital multi-platform enhances audience engagement with news and the extent they can hold public officials to account All research related to Mass Communication In the late seventies, the move towards a New World Information and Communication Order was proposed Hello i am a communication major and i am doing a paper that would require answers .

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My analyses will focus on users' comments on news event and how news users have provided additional public issues that help the television's public service investigations. At the moment I am still struggling with the right methodology for this project. I'm pleased to welcome suggestions from experts on this platform.

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e implementation of constituency projects) and the general developmental issues. I am looking towards analysing the website of TV station in Nigeria (for example, Channelstv) . I do not actually know how N capture can do this? However I give it a trail.

Thanks for your suggestion! ” Present and future of one-to-one and one-to-all communications belong to internet, as a powerful tool.

Scientific temper in world society can solve many problems of life and co-existence and also, bring peace to human society including care of the ecosystem Focuses on research in journalism and mass communication. Each issue features Articles most recently published online for this journal. Book Review: Trump .

What are the possible ways of using internet to create and promote scientific temper in the human societies of the world?“Dear Rakesh Yashroy, this is a nebulous, yet very important question. Internet has a key role to play in enhancing knowledge production, improvement and sharing, and making information available anywhere and anytime it is needed, and facilitate most exhaustive utilisation of knowledge. While this could reduce inequality, unrest and lead the developing world to more sustained properity, there remains a huge lack of collective interest to make that happen.

For now we have to devise how internt can be used to make that happen. I am undertaking to do a survey of Nigerian adolescent children aged from 10 - 17 years and to find out the way that they engage with and experience digital media technologies. I have decided to use cluster sampling or multistage sampling to arrive at my respondents: geographical zone - states - senatorial zones - local governments - towns - schools - classes.

However my confusion and question is: how do I arrive at a sample size for the survey? Is the figure meant to be random? It should be justified, but how do I make this? What formula do I use and even so, how do I get total “Firstly, start at the beginning Free mass communication papers, essays, and research papers. are a way of getting people from that demographic to go out and buy their products [tags: .

What sort of study is it?qualitative or quantitative?Quantitative observational descriptive, observational analytical, quasi-experimental or experimental?If it is purely descriptive observational then the issue of sample size requirement devolves to "How accurate do I want to be in describing my variable of main interest?" and "are there any secondary variables that I am measuring/counting that will require larger numbers of participants to get the same degree of accuracy?" In the case of a proportional incidence are you satisfied with the 95%.