What to Expect Though it may be new to you, lab reports do exist in Mathematics and it is expected that each student be able to elegantly compose their thoughts for each given lab. The point of each lab assignment is to engage the student actively in the material so as to provide a "bigger picture" behind theorems, results and/or processes.

 Each lab also helps the student recognize specific strengths/weaknesses Primarily, a lab report should communicate the following things: This section should not get a primary heading (i.e., Introduction ), you simply re-write the..

Before Writting a Math-Lab Report Writing a report for mathematics can be a chore, especially if you aren't sure where to begin. Math isn't a subject that you usually write about so if you are asked to write a math report, you might need some help.

Some math reports that you might need to do include describing a quadratic equation, writing about various ways to solve algebra questions, or writing about a specific discovery in the history of mathematics, such as negative numbers or imaginary numbers. Discuss with your teacher, classmates or parents what the math problem or math issue might be that you are writing about. This will enable you to get started on your report.

Make a list of the various subjects or you might write a paragraph about what you are writing about. The problem that you come up with could be anything from "How to Solve a Multiplication Problem" to "Strategies for Teaching Math To Students. " You will need to narrow your problem to one concrete sentence or idea, so that you can write a report about it.

Research Steps and ProcessesResearch online or in mathematics books in the library the steps and processes that are going to be needed to solve the problem you have determined is at the root of your report. Your teacher might have other suggestions for your research, such a talking to someone with a degree in math, or reading printed materials.

Do the math required or figure out how to do the process you have to describe. This might mean you read books about the subject, practice the steps, or do experiments to come up with the best solution to the math problems. Write Out StepsWrite out the steps in your report as you would write any other report, using complete sentences and words.

Don't use abbreviations and use the same number rules you use when writing for another class. For example, write out numbers from one to nine and use figures for numbers above 10.

Write the steps in paragraph form, and only use bullet points if you have a list that you need to discuss within the report Statistics should be used to substantiate your findings and help you to say objectively when you have significant results. Therefore, when reporting the statistical .

Be sure that you have a conclusion at the end of your report in which you tie together all of the aspects you have talked about.